Recommended Wanderings – – ⌲ Valencia


  • Río Turia; not actually a river anymore, but a beautiful park that extends from the old town to the arts and science district.
  • Arts and Science District; interesting buildings that reflect nature and animals
  • Church of Saint Nicholas; Valencia’s Sistine Chapel
  • Tower of Miguelito; views over all of Valencia
  • Beaches; you have to swim in the Meditteranean


  • La Horchatería de Santa Maria; try Horchata- an interesting drink made of tiger nuts, rice milk, water and almonds
  • Ubik; Cafe book shop


  • La Pepica; PAELLA. You have to try the Paella in Valencia. It is unbeatable.


  • Stroll through El Barrio del Carmen; great for street art!
  • Try El Agua de Valencia; cocktail made of Cava, orange juice (sometimes another spirit, depending on the strength!)
  • Hire a bike; it’s super flat with plenty of bike paths around!

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