El Regreso a Sevilla

Bueno. He estado en Sevilla desde hace tres semanas…

Oh. Right. English.

Well. I’ve now been in Sevilla for three weeks, and while I would love to say that it’s been all sunshine and rainbows, as my friends on Instagram have been lead to believe, it, as per every change, has definitely been an adjustment.

Firstly, I had forgotten how warm it is in Seville. Still now, the end of September, it’s hitting 42 degrees Celsius at 6:30pm in the afternoon, but the lack of humidity has definitely made it more tolerable. But the change from Edinburgh couldn’t have been more of a shock to the system.

I’ve started Spanish lessons again. Again, I didn’t realise how much Spanish and of course confidence I had lost in my six weeks of travelling without speaking Spanish daily. While yes, I have still been writing my journal in Spanish, the practice I really need is conversation practice. I have been attending classes three mornings a week for three hours, living with a Spanish family, and attending Intercambio (Language exchange) on a weekly basis. Trying to find locals to practice with is turning out to be harder than I thought, but, I’m sure I will get there eventually. It’s still very much early days!

I’ve met some pretty cool people. People from all over the world have made their way to Sevilla to study and learn. It’s such an impressive mix of people and cultures in my class at the moment- South Korea, Bolognia, Brazil, USA, Italy, Germany… I’ve even met ANOTHER Georgia from Australia, and a lovely gal pal named Emily, who have been real champs organising weekend trips away, going for coffee and relaxing by the river. In a chance meeting through another short-term student at the school, I have met a girl from Germany named Marion, who turns out to also be a Physiotherapist. It’s been amazing that while you don’t meet people or develop friendships over years like back home, it’s not hard to make connections quickly, find ‘your kind of people’ and manage to meet people with so much in common to yourself.

The mornings have been early. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am absolutely a morning person. An absolute nanna, and don’t mind an early night. But to be honest, nothing happens in Spain until 12pm at night, and I found myself enjoying dinner on my first night in Seville at 10:30pm. It’s absolutely a different lifestyle, one that I love. The day is broken up and you have a mini chill (for some traditional Spanish it’s a proper siesta- for others it’s a relaxing break in a coffee shop or a long lunch). But at the same time, at the moment I am up at 7am (but managing to actually be vertical at 7:19am to start classes), to teach two gorgeous kids English. In exchange for my room, I am taking the kids for about 2-2.5 hours a day Monday to Friday, and chatting, playing, doing worksheets or activities, treasure hunts and reading in English. Let’s be honest, for the first five-to-ten minutes of the class, it’s a bit slow, but it’s getting easier day by day and I’m enjoying getting into the routine.

I HAVE ACCESS TO A DOG. A beautiful black labrador named Lawyer. He loves a good long walk along the river, which I really need to treat him to more often, and has a funny way of not being able to calm down for a good fifteen minutes when you greet him.

I’m loving being back into the gym, but changing up my routine. In the past I had been so strict with over planning what I was going to do each week, making sure everything was ticked off, that I ended up feeling like exercise was a chore instead of something I loved doing. The gym for me now is a mini-escape to think, relax (yes there’s a hydro pool with massage fountains, a sauna and a Turkish bath), and sweat (heavily- remember it’s like 42 degrees here.) I have the freedom to use whatever machines I want, and change up my routine from weights to bike, to running, to HIIT, to spinning, pilates, swimming. Has been awesome.

But, mostly I have been missing home a little. I don’t believe that it’s a bad thing to miss home, or family or friends, it doesn’t mean that I want to go running home saying this is all too hard of an adjustment. I am loving it here and I am loving being out of my comfort zone on a daily basis. But I miss the people back home, the easy conversations, the not having to explain ‘my story’ to everyone I meet, and to the simple routine. But. I’m sorry to say mum, but you still won’t have me back for a while.

IMG_6816Until next time!

Adios xx

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