La boda del año

On the 31st of May, I was lucky enough to witness two of the most amazing people profess their love to each other and after a long time coming, officially say “I do”. A short (and relatively cheap for an hour journey) Uber ride from Lisbon, we arrived at Quinta de Sant’ana Do Gradil. If anyone is looking for a location wedding, look no further. Set in the winery region near Ericeira, it is an absolutely stunning location. When Emma and I got out of the car, we were in for a treat- looking around at the venue, we knew that we were to soon match the backdrop, with our dresses matching the walls and greenery surrounding.

The surrounding streets are quaint and like much of Portugal follow the pattern of whitewashed walls with terracotta roofs, the occasional coloured house making a pop-statement. It was easy to get to know everyone from Kirsty and Dan’s family and friendship groups in the few days before, the big event itself and the day after the wedding. The whole affair was an incredible experience and I’m so happy and privileged to have witnessed it!

Despite being very much worse for wear the day after the wedding, got myself geared up for another British Bash (although enjoyed significantly less alcohol)- NEVER try to keep up with the Brits. They have livers made of steel. We headed into the seaside town of Ericeira for some live music and fun chats after everyone headed off on their respective journeys the next day.

A quick story now that I have flooded the page with photos. The morning of the wedding, I felt like going to a run through the small town. The cobblestones are not particularly conducive to running fast, or without having to concentrate on every step taken, so I took the back road, dirt track road, up into the hills. This was great, and I ended up in another small residential area, where everyone had dogs. I love dogs. However, it was as though these dogs have never seen a human, or said human running through the streets before. As such, the streets erupted in barking as I ran past each house. I thought this was pretty cool, like running towards the end of the Melbourne Half Marathon and being cheered towards the finish line by the supporters. I thought it was pretty funny until I rounded a corner and there were three dogs, with no owner, no leashes, no fences to separate me from the dogs. Needless to say, I flattened myself against the opposite house and moved as stealthily as possible until I was far enough away from them to start running again. If the run itself didn’t get my heart rate jumping, three semi agro dogs definitely did the trick! Upon my return, Emma decided to go for a run. I warned her of the dogs, and as she is not so comfortable with the canine breed, she decided to run a different way. She did, however, come back a little spooked from a few little white dogs down the winery track, only to discover they were actually sheep upon a closer look!

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