Sevilla. I think I’ve found my place.

SEVILLA! Back in Spain, and happy to be here. From the moment I stepped off the bus, well, even before then- from the moment I spotted the Bolte Bridge look alike, I was falling in love with Sevilla! I don’t know where this vibe came from, but I’m so happy to have felt it. We arrived late into Seville, but still managed a pass-the-parcel style tapas dinner, and even snuck in a little red wine. And oh lordy was it delicious (the price was too after Morocco during Ramadan!).

After a long day on the bus, ferry, bus, I was happy to tuck myself into bed early and was happier to be bright and buzzing in the morning, whilst others from the group had achieved around 2 hours sleep. After a walking tour, we were free to explore the city!

Top tip for travellers, and all coffee lovers; download the app “BeanHunter”. It will search for rated coffee spots in your vicinity or in chosen locations. It has been a lifesaver. Quick pitstop at TORCH Coffee Roasters and we were off to Plaza España!

IMG_3134When they say that Seville was the Birthplace of Flamenco, they weren’t kidding. I went to a Flamenco show in Barcelona and thought it average. BUT Sevillian Flamenco oh, my, lordy. Flamenco is about PASSION. There is no written sheet music, but they do follow a beat, and somehow feel for when it is the start or the end of a sequence. It is made up of a wailing-type of singing, which is still beautiful, the Spanish guitar, a box drum, called a cajón, and of course the dance. Flamenco dance is so much more than stomping your feet around with a grimace on your face. It is so captivating to watch and I implore anyone and everyone to go and have a watch of a well-recommended show. We found a spontaneous busking group in Plaza España but also went to a show called Los Gallos. Incredible.

This was the day of exploring The Alcazar, aka Dorne from Game of Thrones. I was happy to explore the gardens and grounds (including the labyrinth) for hours, but most impressive was the palace, and dare I say more intricate and beautiful than the Alhambra.

Las Setas (or as the locals call it The Mushroom), is the central lookout in town, but to be honest, could have been a touch higher. I prefer to be above the other buildings, as opposed to amongst the rooftops at a lookout, and the cheeky “Free Drink” in exchange for your ticket turned out to actually be “1 Euro off a drink”. So a little bit of a disappointment, but made up for by my first Spanish taste of Churros! That’s right my dear sis, I waited a whole TWO WEEKS to enjoy churros in España. Crazy.

Seville is simply beautiful and I cannot wait to return to explore more of the culture, momuments, winding streets, meet the locals, and hopefully, this Workaway opportunity works out and I’ll be able to call Seville home for a little while in the future.

Hasta Portugal!




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