Montserrat, the monastery in the clouds

Saturday led me far away and up a steep hill, all the way to a little town called Montserrat. No Mum, I did not have to book onto an organised day trip with the thousands of other tourists! I was proud to say that it only took a short walk, a metro, a suburban/rural train route and a cable car to arrive safely at my destination of choice! Montserrat, originally founded in 1025, is a Monastery essentially built into the side of a mountain. Normally, on a clear day, the views stretch for days (but I can google that later/find a postcard or something). But for me, it was a nice refreshing cloud of fog to come through on the cable car.

The Basilica was beautiful, and being able to crash the end of mass was a highlight just to see it in full use. No, I’m not going to be saying my “Our Father’s” any time soon, but it was an impressive site to see- the Basilica itself, the choir, the pure number of people that made the trek up into the clouds for the event. Up in the steep climbs of the Basilica lies “La Moreneta”, or Our Lady, encased in a room of gold, with hallways of marble and intricately detailed carvings leading to the small room.

Surrounding the Monastery, away from the small town that now makes up Montserrat, there are numerous hiking and walking trails, including part of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. So, I can officially say that I have walked part of “The Camino!”. It’s on the bucket list to do it for real however.

Hasta Luego!



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